A poem for Haiti by Amtul Bashir

by Amtul Bashir

A young girl
walks to the well
with her friends.
The morning breeze,
soft and fresh
touches her like a baby
playing in the folds of her
flowing dress.
The rough ground
feels the soft touch
of her delicate feet
as the rays of the morning
paint her delicate beauty
with red and gold.
Every day she comes
with her friends,
holding a pitcher on her head,
blouse green like the grass,
red skirt blowing,
as, lost in thought,
she falls behind.
Every day she comes
to the same side of the hill
to fill her pitcher with water.
Now it is her turn.
Oh! What is that?
Again her pitcher is empty.
The water is in her eyes.

I met Amtul in the town of Moonstone which is just North of Barrie Ontario. This poem was written about Haiti after the 2010 earth quake and was published in a book. Amtul gave me permission to post it. Here is a little more information on her:

Amtul Bashir has her Masters in Political Science from Punjab University, Pakistan. She was the Head-Master of an all girls school from JK to grade 8 for 11 years in Pakistan. She moved to Canada from Liberia Africa in 1987 and presently runs her own business in Moonstone. Amtul is looking forward to retiring in a few years and spending more time with her grandchildren. Her hobbies include sewing, knitting and cooking.