Puffin courage on the Irish Loop: Cape Spear, Bulls Bay, Witless Bay, Protugal Cove South

September 5th to 7th

St. John’s to Witless Bay
Bulls Bay to Portugal Cove South
Portugal Cove South to Salmonier

Driving back from Fogo island I took it nice and easy to really absorb the countryside even though i had seen it when I cycled in a week ago. It really is hilly and I can appreciate even more what I went through to finish the journey. The rental car desks are right in the arrival area where you collect the bags and I just walked my fully loaded bike right in there without a second glance from security. I am sure in other places I would have been tackled but not so in St. John’s. I chatted with the front desk lady at Hertz for quite a while as she was quite interested in the trip. I always love talking about it since I don’t get to tell my story and experiences verbally as often as I like, I guess I am a lot more social than I think I am. Back on the road was a little awkward at first which is normal and I come to expect it now. I rode back into St. John’s to get a couple things for the bike such as air for the tires and one of the pedals has been busted for the last 5 weeks. I made my way to Canary Cycles at 294 Water Street ( http://www.canarycycles.ca/) . They pumped my tires and did what they could with my pedal for free. Paul Collet who works there donated a few bucks online and scolded me for jumping in the harbour.
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Down home Newfoundland experience: Fogo Island!

September 2nd to 4th

Sunday morning I was still at Sue’s place in St. Phillips/Portugal Cove suffering a pretty good hangover as expected. My plan today was to rent a car and drive back North to Fogo Island which is about 80 kilometers North East of Gander. What I didn’t expect was that all of the taxi companies where closed because it was Sunday. Fortunately some of the airport taxis where open but only Hertz answered the phone. The next dilemma was to get to the airport oh but before that pick up my credit card from a pub in St. John’s-whoops!
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