On to Halifax

Monday September 10th

North Sydney 165 kilometers
Final ride!

I had been thinking about shortcuts to Halifax for some time but I was trying to Pictou to see the Brown’s before I got there. I knew riding would be tough and I was hoping to catch the bus from North Sydney to New Glasgow. However the bus left at 8:30 and I arrived at 10:30 so I decided rather than stay in North Sydney because technically my only option was to ride 7 kilometers to a campground then in the morning ride back I decided
to ride to Port Hawkesbury or further. There were wind warnings and a hurricane is on its way that was hitting Newfoundland as we speak so the weather was frightful. I rode straight into the gusting wind which was so taxing I started stopping every few kilometers while I was exposed to the waterfront. Eventually the road went inland or rather onto an island in a huge lake called Bras D’or on Cape Breton.
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The Road to Nova Scotia: gravel road and Placentia

Saturday September 8th

Map my rugged ride!

I still can’t seem to get out of bed on time but no matter I had a short rode today to the Argentia ferry which goes to North Sydney Nova Scotia. Anyway yesterday was difficult finding any place to stay so I ended up at “The Wilds” which is a resort with a golf course. For $139 a night I wasn’t complaining and I was so tired that it really would have had to be over $150 for me to contemplate anything else like sleeping on the side of the road. The staff were excellent although I had a little problem trying to get my laundry done. It seems you just have to talk to the right person. The only clean clothes I had, which I wore to dinner, was a t-shirt and bike rain pants (thankfully not tights). The ladies working the restaurant had lots of questions once they learned of my journey and did not think it odd that I slept under the visitor centre in Portogul Cove South.
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