Strike First Corporation

My friend Ian works at the Strike First Corporation who have donated generously to the cause.

In their own words this is what they do:
Strike First Corporation is committed to manufacturing some of the finest quality portable fire extinguishers in the industry. We back this up with our 6 year warranty and a strong dedication to customer service. Located in Toronto, Canada, Strike First Corporation is a family run business with over 100 years of experience in the fire equipment industry.

You can check them out here.


Healing hands

My massage therapist has generously donated what will be an extraordinary hour of his time to help my charity. One will experience some relief your aches and pains and perhaps learn how to let go of some of your major stressors. (He’s good at this!) I have used him many times over the years to help me rehab my injuries and to keep me tuned up so I could achieve some of my personal bests: in my last Ironman (Switzerland 2009) I had a serious injury right in the middle of training which Randall was able to help me mentally and phsyically. It turned out that I made my goal of cutting a hour off my previous best. This followed a series of deep tissue massages he designed to enhance my performance. Your problems may be much easier to solve!

The hour is usually worth $110.00 and Randall is an independant business person. He is successful because he builds clients through referrals of great service!

Check out Randall Friedman, RMT at his website He has an easy to use online calendar which you can simply email the times you want and go.

For all of the people who donated before June 4th we will have a draw for this prize. However I really encourage you to contact Randall, he really provides a high quality service.


Global Hydration

A Canadian business who found me and donated without any prior contact to me. The company is based in Thunder Bay Onatrio and I look forward to meeting them and and seeing first hand all of the great products they have delivered.

In their words:

Global Hydration specializes in water treatment and purification systems for remote industry, disaster response, remote communities, residential applications, emergency preparedness, outdoor sport, international travel and more.

By sharing our field experience, knowledge base and proven solutions, we can help you like no one else can. As a manufacturer, agent, distributor and innovator, we’re in the unique position of always being able to deliver the right tool for the job.

From NGO’s to families to private business, our community has tasked us to respond to a full spectrum of water purification challenges. It is this demand that has allowed us to expand as an organization and evolve to become a full spectrum service and solution provider. Where do you need safe drinking water?

Global Hydration website



A big shout out to Stormtech who have donated some awesome gear for my trip. A supportive and thoughtful friend of mine Simone Lauridsen who works at Stormtech realized I needed some gear for the sometimes harsh Canadian environment. She picked out a fleece, wind breaker and some under garments that so happend to be my favourite colour.

I will let the company do their own talking but I will proudly wear their quality garments.

Stormtech in their words

Travel Underwriters

Being a Business Analyst at Travel Underwriters has given me the chance to work with a great bunch of people. Everyone from our CEO Pat to our account managers back east have been extremely supportive of my cause, donating and spreading the word in their own little ways. Now, they’ve taken it a step further by setting up the “Ride For Jeff” initiative. “Ride For Jeff” enables my awesome colleagues at Travel Underwriters to raise money by biking for me. They can bike to work, or for the woefully bike-less, bike at work on a stationary bike the company has graciously set up.

Travel Underwriters has committed $1,000 towards my cause, and will donate a dollar for each kilometer everyone bikes. They’ve also posted a graphic on Facebookthat racks up $1 for every like and comment, and $2 for every post share.

Although I’d like to think “Ride For Jeff” was born out of my sheer popularity, it wasn’t.
They’re going to these lengths because they believe, like me, that a child should be able to take a drink of water without having to worry about getting cholera the next day. I really do appreciate sharing a workplace with such caring, supportive individuals. To them, my sincerest thanks.