Canada Day donors from Regina raised $181.50

I went down to the Canada celebrations at Wascana Lake in Regina. I walked around with my bike and simply introduced my self and our cause. People were more than generous today and wished me well for the rest of the journey. Here is a list of the donors. Please let me know if there are any misspellings!

Amount Donor
$5.00 Dexter
$5.00 Dawn
$10.00 Wendy
$1.00 Emma
$20.00 Tamara Camacho
$5.00 Anonymous
$5.00 Darcy
$5.00 Ella
$5.00 Troy
$5.00 Kevin Weber
$5.00 Tanner Hansen
$10.00 Lorrie Braaten
$20.00 Debbie Apesland
$5.00 Helen Hall
$2.00 Don Acres
$5.00 Ken Schneider
$5.00 Katrina Cook
$5.00 Michelle Williams
$5.00 Sara Bouchuck
$1.50 Barb Nabnepowisk
$4.00 Sarah Harrington
$1.00 John Wade
$5.00 The Fellner’s
$2.00 Bob Gawley
$10.00 Len Selinger
$3.00 Amanda
$7.00 Ruep family
$20.00 Mick Moore

Ride June 3rd

Hey folks,

Just a reminder for those riding tomorrow:

Bike Ride route.

Stop 1 – South Arm 10:40 – 10:50
Last Updated by Jeff 4 days ago
We will stop at the old South Arm community centre adjacent to Garden City rd. near the Tennis courts.

Stop 2 – Granville 11:00 – 11:10
Last Updated by Jeff 4 days ago
There is a little dead end side ride off of the Granville side.

Stop 3 – Bridgepoint Skytrain 11:25 – 11:30
Last Updated by Jeff 4 days ago
Meet just outside the entrance to the bus loop.

Stop 4 – Marine Drive Skytrain 11:40 – 11:50
Last Updated by Jeff 4 days ago
Meet at entrance to skytrain near the bus loop entrance.

Stop 5 – Riley Park 12:10 – 12:20
Last Updated by Jeff 4 days ago
Meet on the corner of 37th and Ontario.

Stop 6 – Cypress and 10th 12:35 – 12:45
Last Updated by Jeff 4 days ago
Meet at corner of Cypress and 10th.

End – BBQ – 1:00
Last Updated by Jeff 4 days ago
Last stop Jericho Pond: take a break, eat, drink…

June 3rd BBQ and bike ride!

Okay the details finally!

I sent off an evite to anyone subscribed to this page. This message will post on facebook as well in case you are following me there. I will also tweet it :)

Please RVSP through evite rather than respond to this post. Indicate how many guests and comment on how many vegetarians you will bring: Evite link!

For those who want to have a bit of fun you can join me in our casual ride from Richmond to Jericho pond. It will start at 10:30. Details can be found on this google map: Map of the ride.

I do have the volunteers I need and I will be sending them a private e-mail on the details once we have an idea on the number of people.

Looking forward to seeing you all – shit it is only 5 days away!!!!

June 3rd eaters and well wishers

Well if people are going to bring food then we will need people to eat. I am still working out the details but I will be riding from Richmond to Spanish Banks. I want to get a rough idea of how many people might attend. Just comment on this post or send an e-mail to

A few weeks before June 3rd I will send out another message to confirm who is really coming.

Other stuff:
I will be running the Vancouver Marathon this weekend – hopefully with special t-shirt. Come out and cheer me on! This is probably my last run until I get into the serious bike training. Stay tuned for some training videos and challenges, think of mountains!!!

June 3rd volunteers

Hey folks, I need between 8 – 10 volunteers for my send off Sunday June 3rd. We just need you for a few hours and of course you will not miss out on the festivities. You would be involved in one of the following: setting up a food table, taking turns on the Barbecue or helping clean up after. Most of the food will be prepared in advance so it is only a matter of putting it out and refilling stuff. Each volunteer will get a lovely “A dollar a kilometer” t-shirt which is worth its weight in gold. You can just leave a comment on this post if you are interested.

First day: group ride Sunday June 3rd

Hey folks,

It looks like I will start my journey on Sunday June 3rd. I will start my ride in Richmond and have a pit stop at either Spanish Banks or Stanley Park for a BBQ event. I want to encourage all levels of riders to join me for the ride so we can make a statement! Barring making any kind of statement it would be nice for me to ride with friends and well wishers as a send off. Also, anyone can ride with me the first day of the city and I want to extend that to anywhere along my journey people are welcome to ride with me and share a conversation.

At this point nothing is formerly organised but I wanted to get the message out for those who might come.