J’aime Canada!


It is done. Whatever thoughts or dreams I had before the trip of how it would end have all been merged together with the reality that the journey is over but what a journey it was! In unpoetic terms it was damn hard, maybe the hardest thing I have ever done, although reading some old posts from Tibet seem to be the contrary to that statement(www.jeffglen.ca/jeffbikeschina). I had many moments of doubt along the way but nothing bit me harder than Northern Ontario. I was mentally done at that point but only half way across the country which segue-ways nicely into support I received.

Support is the heart of all great accomplishments!
I always say never underestimate the will power of an individual but I have learned to never underestimate the kindness of complete strangers. There were also a few old freinds along the way who took care of me. There are literally too many to mention but I must note a few which anyone following would have read about:

  • Nancy in Grand Forks BC gave me the keys to her place while she was at work. She had dinner waiting for me and later we had a great conversation.
  • David in Cranbrook saw me standing outside the winter homeless shelter (I wasn’t aware of that though) and invited me over for dinner and allowed me to camp out in his back yard. We shared his last beer!
  • My good friend Cassie’s brother Derek Leung (fellow Ironman) and Ashley Herrera put me up in Calgary. Ashley’s father Doug sponsored my flight home through his employer WestJet.
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    A poem for Haiti by Amtul Bashir

    by Amtul Bashir

    A young girl
    walks to the well
    with her friends.
    The morning breeze,
    soft and fresh
    touches her like a baby
    playing in the folds of her
    flowing dress.
    The rough ground
    feels the soft touch
    of her delicate feet
    as the rays of the morning
    paint her delicate beauty
    with red and gold.
    Every day she comes
    with her friends,
    holding a pitcher on her head,
    blouse green like the grass,
    red skirt blowing,
    as, lost in thought,
    she falls behind.
    Every day she comes
    to the same side of the hill
    to fill her pitcher with water.
    Now it is her turn.
    Oh! What is that?
    Again her pitcher is empty.
    The water is in her eyes.

    I met Amtul in the town of Moonstone which is just North of Barrie Ontario. This poem was written about Haiti after the 2010 earth quake and was published in a book. Amtul gave me permission to post it. Here is a little more information on her:

    Amtul Bashir has her Masters in Political Science from Punjab University, Pakistan. She was the Head-Master of an all girls school from JK to grade 8 for 11 years in Pakistan. She moved to Canada from Liberia Africa in 1987 and presently runs her own business in Moonstone. Amtul is looking forward to retiring in a few years and spending more time with her grandchildren. Her hobbies include sewing, knitting and cooking.

    Canada Day donors from Regina raised $181.50

    I went down to the Canada celebrations at Wascana Lake in Regina. I walked around with my bike and simply introduced my self and our cause. People were more than generous today and wished me well for the rest of the journey. Here is a list of the donors. Please let me know if there are any misspellings!

    Amount Donor
    $5.00 Dexter
    $5.00 Dawn
    $10.00 Wendy
    $1.00 Emma
    $20.00 Tamara Camacho
    $5.00 Anonymous
    $5.00 Darcy
    $5.00 Ella
    $5.00 Troy
    $5.00 Kevin Weber
    $5.00 Tanner Hansen
    $10.00 Lorrie Braaten
    $20.00 Debbie Apesland
    $5.00 Helen Hall
    $2.00 Don Acres
    $5.00 Ken Schneider
    $5.00 Katrina Cook
    $5.00 Michelle Williams
    $5.00 Sara Bouchuck
    $1.50 Barb Nabnepowisk
    $4.00 Sarah Harrington
    $1.00 John Wade
    $5.00 The Fellner’s
    $2.00 Bob Gawley
    $10.00 Len Selinger
    $3.00 Amanda
    $7.00 Ruep family
    $20.00 Mick Moore

    OVER $7,000 in donations!!!


    I am so happy my friends and supporters. It really validates what I am doing and now I guess it is time to raise the bar. I am will come up with a new goal soon (dollar amount). Thank you everyone for your support. Cassie the cards are a huge hit (she refused credit but too bad http://illknowitwheniseeit.com)! Looks like I might make the Osoyoos times as well :) All the rain has been washed away.


    Updates and the count down has begun!

    With 7 days to go I just wanted to post some updates:

    BBQ is Sunday June 3rd at Jericho pond between 1pm and 3pm. I will send an evite to the people who are in town.
    We have raised $5,300 which is over 70% in our fundraiser at water.org!!!!

    The Forerunners runners had a potluck and raised $180 for my send off. Jean brought a beautiful cake for me and I made a little speech. Some photos from Lucy Chi:

    My bicycle cake!

    More pictures:

    Jeff's Potluck


    Spread the word!

    Guess what?

    We have almost reached $3,000 in donations and are only a few weeks in!

    I can’t thank people enough for their generous donations and it really warms the heart while solidifying my purpose over the coming months. I also want to recognise that there are a million other charities out there and no one should feel obligated to donate nor should anyone feel guilty for not donating yet or ever. This is really about awareness and getting the message out. The donations will come, I know this!

    What I really need to do is connect to a wider audience. If you let a work friend or distant relative know about my journey it may reach another 20 people you do not even know. If a handful of them donate or offer me a couch to sleep on it may ultimately do more for the cause.


    P.S. If you have a relative or friend that is willing to put me up for the night (I don’t snore like Gordon or John Glen) please send me an e-mail at adollarakilometer@gmail.com

    Huge kick from a drummer and Bruce Lee’s words of advice

    A big shout out to Chris Evans for his $500.00 donation. Chris and I have been friends since he threw mashed potatoes at me through the wire mesh that separates the hooligan kitchen staff from the stoic bartenders inside the Pioneer Pub’s refrigerator. The mesh was there to keep the kitchen staff out of the kegs! I evened the score by taking him down for a count of 3 between the pub and beer and wine store although I am sure he has a different version of this story. He was also the drummer in the band we played in and we shared many good times.

    I also wanted to mention the flood of early donations has really been awesome, we are almost at $2,000! This money will not only go a long way to helping the cause but will also increase the amount of donors when I travel the country. This helps legitimize the cause in a way seeing more and more donors and early on. I will be putting together some training videos so stay tuned.


    Words of wisdom from donor Bruce Lee (aka canine extraordinaire): Be formless… shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You pour water into a bottle; it becomes the bottle. You put water into a teapot; it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow, or creep or drip or crash! Be water, my friend…”

    Donations and tax receipts and buying road!

    Hi folks,

    No Tax receipts for Canadians:

    I just want make sure you are all aware that this is an American charity and there will be no tax receipts for Canadians who donate. It is a little unfortunate and water.org is looking into opening a Canadian office but until then we are out of luck.

    Buying road!

    On a happier note I am posting anyone who donates $25 or more on google maps. You pick the road (first donate first serve) and I will map it and eventually take pictures for you when I ride it.