Spread the word!

Guess what?

We have almost reached $3,000 in donations and are only a few weeks in!

I can’t thank people enough for their generous donations and it really warms the heart while solidifying my purpose over the coming months. I also want to recognise that there are a million other charities out there and no one should feel obligated to donate nor should anyone feel guilty for not donating yet or ever. This is really about awareness and getting the message out. The donations will come, I know this!

What I really need to do is connect to a wider audience. If you let a work friend or distant relative know about my journey it may reach another 20 people you do not even know. If a handful of them donate or offer me a couch to sleep on it may ultimately do more for the cause.


P.S. If you have a relative or friend that is willing to put me up for the night (I don’t snore like Gordon or John Glen) please send me an e-mail at adollarakilometer@gmail.com