Global Hydration

A Canadian business who found me and donated without any prior contact to me. The company is based in Thunder Bay Onatrio and I look forward to meeting them and and seeing first hand all of the great products they have delivered.

In their words:

Global Hydration specializes in water treatment and purification systems for remote industry, disaster response, remote communities, residential applications, emergency preparedness, outdoor sport, international travel and more.

By sharing our field experience, knowledge base and proven solutions, we can help you like no one else can. As a manufacturer, agent, distributor and innovator, we’re in the unique position of always being able to deliver the right tool for the job.

From NGO’s to families to private business, our community has tasked us to respond to a full spectrum of water purification challenges. It is this demand that has allowed us to expand as an organization and evolve to become a full spectrum service and solution provider. Where do you need safe drinking water?

Global Hydration website