Healing hands

My massage therapist has generously donated what will be an extraordinary hour of his time to help my charity. One will experience some relief your aches and pains and perhaps learn how to let go of some of your major stressors. (He’s good at this!) I have used him many times over the years to help me rehab my injuries and to keep me tuned up so I could achieve some of my personal bests: in my last Ironman (Switzerland 2009) I had a serious injury right in the middle of training which Randall was able to help me mentally and phsyically. It turned out that I made my goal of cutting a hour off my previous best. This followed a series of deep tissue massages he designed to enhance my performance. Your problems may be much easier to solve!

The hour is usually worth $110.00 and Randall is an independant business person. He is successful because he builds clients through referrals of great service!

Check out Randall Friedman, RMT at his website http://www.crossroadsmassage.com. He has an easy to use online calendar which you can simply email the times you want and go.

For all of the people who donated before June 4th we will have a draw for this prize. However I really encourage you to contact Randall, he really provides a high quality service.