Day 88 – Gander to Jacks Pond (Arnolds Cove) – 207 kilometers

Wind 20 – Hills 23 – Jeff 0

Okay the hills are just nuts on this route!

It was a horrible day but I figure I would get creative with my rant. Please note the countryside here is extremely beautiful so look at the pictures after the rant.

Poor little Jeff started out the day early
with dreams of grandeur and thoughts of joy surely.
But the big bad wind had other plans
and swept over the land.
This left poor Jeff with a dilemma
try real hard or ride like a lemon.

But Jeff was determined and so was the wind
it was a beautiful day so let the battle begin.
Jeff floated like a butterfly but the wind stung like a bee
So many times Jeff almost lost his sanity.

At the end of the day Jeff made it clear
I won’t give in and wont shed a tear.
So Jeff is now 130 kilometers from St. John’s,
With a bottle of screech his anguish will be gone!