J’aime Canada!


It is done. Whatever thoughts or dreams I had before the trip of how it would end have all been merged together with the reality that the journey is over but what a journey it was! In unpoetic terms it was damn hard, maybe the hardest thing I have ever done, although reading some old posts from Tibet seem to be the contrary to that statement(www.jeffglen.ca/jeffbikeschina). I had many moments of doubt along the way but nothing bit me harder than Northern Ontario. I was mentally done at that point but only half way across the country which segue-ways nicely into support I received.

Support is the heart of all great accomplishments!
I always say never underestimate the will power of an individual but I have learned to never underestimate the kindness of complete strangers. There were also a few old freinds along the way who took care of me. There are literally too many to mention but I must note a few which anyone following would have read about:

  • Nancy in Grand Forks BC gave me the keys to her place while she was at work. She had dinner waiting for me and later we had a great conversation.
  • David in Cranbrook saw me standing outside the winter homeless shelter (I wasn’t aware of that though) and invited me over for dinner and allowed me to camp out in his back yard. We shared his last beer!
  • My good friend Cassie’s brother Derek Leung (fellow Ironman) and Ashley Herrera put me up in Calgary. Ashley’s father Doug sponsored my flight home through his employer WestJet.
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