Rocks versus water – Peggy’s Cove and Lunenberg

September 10th – 12th

I booked my hotel in Halifax while on the bus over from Antigonish and for $110 I got a pretty nice place near the heart of Halifax called the Halliburton Hotel which is 3 restored homes from probably 100 or more years ago. The room was beautiful and I took a much needed shower after such a wet crappy day on the road (read the previous post for detail). The second thing to do was get a pair of shoes since I through out my sneakers and I was walking around in bicycle shoes in Halifax. I went to Mountain Equipment Coop a literally bought the last pairs of shoes in my size. Good thing I liked them I guess but it as that , sandals or hiking boots. I had dinner at Durty Nellies which is kind of a reproduction of an Irish Bar but with three themes: Victoria era, standard Irish pub and farmers pub. According to the menu the materials and builders came from Ireland. All I knew was that I was hungry so I gobbled down some Irish Stew. I was still hungry walking home so I went for some sushi, mmm sushi (sorry Michelle).
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